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Perluhestar Horse Rental and Riding School is only 83 km from Keflavik International Airport and 52 km from the Reykjavik City Center. We can pick you up from your Hotel or Guesthouse in Reykjavik and bring you back after a day of fun at our stable

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If you are interested in taking a riding tour with Perluhestar please contact us and book a tour via email: perluhestar @ gmail.com or by Phone: +354 780 0082.

Or you can use our contact form to get in touch

We can pick you up from your accommodation in the Greater Reykjavik Area

To find accommodation nearby, visit hotelscombined

Protect the Icelandic Horse

Protect the Icelandic horse from infectious diseases. Please note that used riding equipment has to be well cleaned or disinfected before arrival in Iceland, see detailed information here.

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815 Þorlákshöfn